Senior Photos:  My high school senior photo shoots are designed to be fun and creative. A senior photo shoot usually can last 1-2 hours. Seniors can bring as many changes of clothes that can fit into this time frame. I will meet with the senior in person or by phone prior to the shoot to discuss specific details. Most senior photo shoots are done outside at a location picked by the both the senior as well as the photographer. The location chosen will be one that best fits the type of shoot desired. While the best times are early morning or late evening, we can work with other times and around schedules as well. With my senior photo shoot I try to meet 3 objectives. 1. Yearbook shot (Once you pick it out, I will submit it to the school for you.) 2. Photos from the shoot that you would give to relatives, friends or put on the wall. 3. Photos that tell something about you (sports, hobbies, pets, etc...) seniors have a blast with part of the shoot! You can check out the senior gallery for some of these types of photos.

Specialty Photos:  Feel free to contact me for a fun and creative photo shoot. Whether in the studio or at a location this type of photo shoot usually is more creative than a traditional portrait type setting. This may involve different types of lighting, clothing, costumes, location etc. and are specific to the person and photo shoot. I like to sit down with the athlete or individual and create a unique photo. This now includes Composite Photos.

Events:  I'm available for a wide variety of sporting events. My specialty is high speed action photos, so if you're interested in something like this, contact me for details. You can check out some of my action shots under the Events as well as Sports sections. Sports pictures you see on website are not for sale.

Team and Individual:  Do you know of a school or club that would like team and individual pictures taken? I have a lot of experience taking these types of photos and would love to take them for your team or group as well. You are given order forms in advance to hand out to the individuals, and these forms are due on the day of the photo shoot. Once pictures are completed, I will give them back to the coach, leader, or school already packaged and ready to be handed out. EASY AND HASSLE FREE.

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