Senior Photo Sessions Sitting Fees:            

All sitting fees are $125 - due the day of the photo shoot

Each sitting fee includes the time involved in the photo shoot, time editing photos, and submission of yearbook photo to the school.

Print Flash drive:

I am now offering flash drives only, along with a written consent and copyright form. I will also provide a list of proffesional printing companies that are easy to work with and provide high quality images. This change will now allow you to order any number of prints and sizes you would like without being restricted to packages.

There will be many different photos I take during the session. After the photo shoot, you will be able to view all photos in a private gallery. Then you will be able to choose 20 different photos of your choice which I will professionally edit. If you would need additional photos above the 20 included, those can be edited for you at a cost of $20 per additional photo chosen. 

Price - $275

When ordering please give me this number as it appears with each photo only, I do not need the whole number:  Example: 57 im 70 hc hortz_V3R0349.  I do not need any numbers after the word web. Along with additional notes you wish ie: Package #

* All sport photos are not for sale.

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