Senior Photo Sessions Sitting Fees:            

June and July bookings: $100,  August and September bookings: $125, October and November bookings: $150

Each sitting fee includes the time involved in the photo shoot, time editing photos, and submission of yearbook photo to the school.

Print Packages:       

Package #1  1-11x14,  3- 8x10,  10-5x7,  10-4x6,  16-wallets (4 sets) Includes a flash drive of images. Total $340.

Package #2  1-11x14,  3-8x10,  6-5x7,  6-4x6,  16-wallets (4 sets) Total $260.

Package #3  2-8x10,  4-5x7,  6-4x6,  12-wallets (3 sets) Total $200.

Package #4  Flash Drive with pictures from the photo shoot including release form. (contact me for additional information about sizes) Total $250

* Wallets come in sets of 4, each set of 4 must be the same picture. You can order as many sets of wallets as you'd like, however, each set of four must be the same picture.

For eample

8 wallets would be two different pictures. (4 of each picture) If you would like three different pictures for wallets, you would order 3 sets of wallets. 

*You can mix and match photos within a package.

Package pricing applies for Senior and Family (groups, children, engagement etc.) photo shoots. A La Carte pricing applies to all other shoots. 

When ordering please give me this number as it appears with each photo only, I do not need the whole number:  Example: 57 im 70 hc hortz_V3R0349.  I do not need any numbers after the word web. Along with additional notes you wish ie: Package #

I currently offer package deals and a la carte pricing. After you choose the package you'd like, you may order additional photos on the a la carte menu  to complete your order. 

A La Carte Pricing:

Set of 4 Wallets - $8

4x6 - $10

5x7 - $15

8x10 - $20

11x14 - $40

16x20 - $60

16x24 - $70

20x30 - $80

Flash Drive (Composite and Speciality Photos) containing photos will depend on number of photos chosen.                                                                                                                                                                                 

* A la carte pricing listed above applies to purchase of photos for all shoots. 

* All sport photos are not for sale.

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